America Buddhist Association presents "Opening the Gate to Awakening"

America Buddhist Association presents "Opening the Gate to Awakening"

a five day series of talks from Thanissaro Bhikkhu, Bhante G, Bhante Sujato, Bhikkhuni Dhammadina, and Bhikkhu Bodhi




CT - American Central Time zone
World Time zones


GREAT! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:Comes just to the right time. I don’t even have to check for the times! :pray:
Well I did, just in case :blush: @Gillian I’m in NZ and have to add a day (the times are right) You too, or?


:thinking: … the Aussie times all converted on TimeBuddy to early in the same day (all AM). Summertime in the US finishes between Nov 6 and 7. I compute that as meaning that in NZ the first four dates are the same as in the USA and on Nov 6th you’ll get two, one in the early hours, and the second late in the evening.

(I used worldtimebuddy to convert CT to Sydney time and it took into account their change in daylight saving. What you see in my post is the Forum international clock (available to all in the menu bar above the edit window). I entered Sydney time and it converts to the time settings that individual readers have. So if it looks weird, it could be that I entered a wrong Sydney time, or that your personal time setting needs checking. :slight_smile:


Hi Gillian, I am probably not in the right mind frame for this right now. I’ll check it another time again. I always get one day ahead (we are quick in NZ :upside_down_face:). Thank you anyway. :butterfly:


These are the correct times:

Ajaan Thānissaro Bhikkhu.
Bhante Gunaratana.
Bhante Sujato.
Bhikkuī Dhammadinnā.
Bhikkhu Bodhi.

There is no need to double covert to your timezone, simply enter the date and time using the correct original timezone and the system will do the rest (including the daylight saving transformations).

Note the “US/Central” timezone in the code (can be selected using the dialog box for entering date/time).

Ajaan Thānissaro Bhikkhu.
[date=2021-11-03 time=19:30:00 timezone="US/Central"]

Wish I’d noticed that before! Thank you.



The first event kicks off in just over two hours from the time of me writing this.


Also, please note a change of title for the venerable Dhammadinnā’s session, it is “Mindfulness: presence to the present.”

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Looking forward to Bhante’s talk to night, MABA’S one of my local temples!


The talks are not on YouTube (yet), but they can be viewed on Facebook (you don’t need an account):

‘On the Path: Right Concentration’
Video Bhikkhu Thanissaro

‘Dhammavinaya and Sikkhapadavinaya’
Video Bhante Gunaratana

‘Stories of Monastic Life’
Video Bhante Sujato

‘Mindfulness: Presence to the Present’
Video Bhikkhuni Dhammadinna

‘Dhammapada verse 223’
Video Bhikkhu Bodhi


Poop, they do not appear to have the talk from Ayya Dhammadinna up

I watched it the other day on Facebook (the recorded livestream), but indeed now they seem to have deleted it. Some other people appeared in the recording as well, so maybe because of privacy reasons they deleted it.

Yea I was watching the Bhikkhu Bohdi stream and the moderator mentioned that they had some “interruptions” during Dhammadina’s stream.

Hopefully it wasn’t anything bad.

The interruptions were most distressing. The tape will need editing, which of course needs extra time.

I certainly hope to see it published as it was a great talk on sāti. I was so happy to see Ayya invited among such company.


That is most unfortunate. Hopefully they can clean it up and get it out there.

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