AN 10.217 Paṭhamasañcetanikasutta

AN 10.217: Paṭhamasañcetanikasutta—Bhikkhu Sujato (

“Mendicants, I don’t say that intentional deeds that have been performed and accumulated are eliminated without being experienced. And that may be in the present life, or in the next life, or in some subsequent period. And I don’t say that suffering is ended without experiencing intentional deeds that have been performed and accumulated.

According to this, there seem to be no concept of defunct kamma. At the most, the results of kamma is lessened for the enlightened ones (eg. no rebirth in hell), but they still have to wait out the ripening of the rest of their kammas before parinibbana.

Another on the list of differences between sutta and commentaries/ Abhidhamma?