AN 3.21 - Samiddha and/or Savittha?

in AN 3.21 by Ven. Sujato, the monk who praise faith is named as Samiddha, which in agree with mahasangiti text “samiddho”.
However, translation by Ven. Bodhi name the monk as Savittha, and other site say that the same monk is featured Kosambi Sutta (Paviṭṭha Thera).
Is these two names refer to a same monk?


Names in Pali are confusing! There are lots of cases where the spelling of names varies between the different manuscript traditions. When such variations occur with normal words it’s often possible to sort out the correct spelling by reference to the contextual meaning or the commentary. But names often offer no such support. Sometimes, however, the commentary identifies people who appear in multiple suttas, so this is helpful. Sometimes too, we can look at the Chinese texts and they may be helpful, or they may not. Nevertheless, we are often left with different spellings and no way to tell which is correct.

As a general rule, I usually follow the spellings as used by Ven Bodhi. He prefers the Sinhalese spellings, which are the most familiar in modern Pali, as they are also used by the PTS editions. It’s also useful because they are the spellings used n the Dictionary of Proper Names.

In this case, I had, as you noticed, kept the Burmese spelling as found in the Mahasangiti edition. But now I have changed that and use Saviṭṭha, so it agrees with the above sources.