An analogue suggested in the Saddharmasmrtyupasthana sutta

The Application of Mindfulness of the Sacred Dharma


I understand it is an anacronism to read modern concepts like bacteria and viruses back into the 5th Century of the NW of India but reading “Meditation on the Body in Chapter 7 of the Saddharmasmr.tyupasthaanasutra” by Keltzer the depiction of the pervasive presense of tiny worms in the body’s parts suggests micro organisms to me. I know post magnifying glass scientists thought in terms of ‘animaculs’, but perhaps if classic Greek thinkers reasoned life existed on all scales then Hellenized India did too?

FYI, this is quite prominent in the Visuddhimagga as well—which is roughly contemporary—so it seems to have been a pan-Indian or at least pan-Buddhist understanding.


I found the body investigation. Instead of intending to generate disgust, intending to instill a recognition of insubstanciality to be striking. Is this the case with the Path of Purity as well?