An idea: publish matching segments via the Tools dialogue

So in Pootle I get used to being able to see matching segments. It occurs to me that it might be useful to implement that functionality on the main site.

So we put in a new selector in the Tools dialogue: “View matching segments”.

Then the system pulls up a list of matching segments for each segment in that sutta, to a certain degree of fuzziness.

To generate a list of segments, presumably you could use the matching algorithm on Pootle, and export the data? Or just run an independent fuzzy matcher over the segmented texts?

Anyway, however we get the data, we’d have a JSON file with lists of IDs for matching segments. This gets displayed somehow, not sure how; maybe on the left side so as not to conflict with the vol/page info. You just see a list of IDs, but they’re linked, so you can go to the relevant text if you want.

Would this be useful? Or is it just taking a lot of effort to basically duplicate what you can do in search anyway?

@blake @vimala

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Not sure how you would like to see this. Something like a pop-up that lists the segment, the sutta number in which it is found and what the translation is there? Or just a list of ID? (In some cases this would be a very very long list (not sure if I would like to see such a thing for “Evaṃ me sutaṃ”).

Personally I’m not sure if this would be helpful but happy to do whatever you want with it.

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