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Gratitude for the True Dhamma and the Buddha for bringing it to us

Gratitude to all the sangha, who have preserved, practiced and taught it, and who still do so.

Gratitude to all the Kalyana Mittas who assist in the practice of the path today.

Thank You - Anumodana!

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So much gratitude to my first teacher, Ajahn Khemadhammo of The Forest Hermitage, today.

Last night a good friend passed away. So many years ago, when I first met luang por, I was in such a state of sadness and despair at the passing of another loved one and luang por set me on the straight path. Today as I contemplate how clear headed I am even though my beautiful friend has passed, I am overwhelmed by the transformation of my heart over the years. Today instead of sadness and tears at my friend’s passing, there is joy and celebration of a life full of decency and generosity having come to an end, and compassion for all who suffer. I am beginning to know for my self the value of the dhamma - and I’m just getting started! Thank you Ajahn K and all my subsequent teachers for handing on this precious gift.