An online gratitude journal

Thnx4 is an online gratitude journal that makes it easier to say thanks, enjoy the benefits of thankfulness, and see what happens when you strengthen your habit of feeling and expressing gratitude.

Thnx4 was created by the Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) at the University of California, Berkeley. It draws on two decades of research suggesting that people who regularly feel grateful:

  • report better health, reduce their risk of heart disease, and get better sleep
  • strengthen feelings of connection and satisfaction in their relationships
  • feel more satisfied with their lives, more joy and optimism, and less anxiety.

What does this have to do with the EBTs?
We are all still here.


addendum: PLEASE feel encouraged to identify and discuss the EBT mentions of gratitude. :slight_smile: IMO it’s actually really important from time to time.

I’d be grateful if you did. =D


A person of integrity is grateful and thankful.

The good person is grateful and thankful, for the virtuous only know how to be grateful and thankful.


“Mendicants, the appearance of three people is rare in the world. What three? A Realized One, a perfected one, a fully awakened Buddha. A person who teaches the teaching and training proclaimed by a Realized One. A person who is grateful and thankful. The appearance of these three people is rare in the world.”


I am grateful today for patience.

It is a form of generosity.
It seems often characteristc of the mental, verbal,and bodily behavior of those cultivating or who have cultivated wisdom.


I’m grateful today for coming across this thread that I missed when it started and I am grateful today for your contribution @ERose . :heart:


Relating to the suttas and the numerous instances that people were in danger due to animals in the jungle.

I am very grateful that a :snake: with the capacity to kill, chose to hold back and not bite me yesterday :pray:


Today I am grateful for the reminder from Laurie Anderson’s Songs from the Bardo that “emptiness cannot be harmed by emptiness”.


Today I am grateful for my fellow moderators, their patience and their big compassionate hearts. :orange_heart:


I’m grateful that I was offered a new job yesterday that:

  • Is in a ‘helping’ profession, aligned with the principle of Right Livelihood.
  • Is a short walking distance from my home, so good for the environment.
  • Involves a 36 week working year, so affords me more time for retreat and association with our venerable nuns and monks.

Leon, that’s fantastic. Well done!


Thank you for the kind words, Stu!
With mettā.


Yesterday, a friend asked me about meditation and my own practice in particular. After chatting for a bit, I forwarded him a link to some Dhamma talks recorded during a recent retreat conducted by one of my long-term teachers.

Also, my father sent me a message from Thailand where he is holidaying. For the first time (I assume), he saw some people doing walking meditation and joked that their slow pacing on the grass made them look like zombies! I replied with a funny anecdote about Ajahn Chah.

I’m really grateful that I had two small opportunities to share something of the Dhamma in a very relaxed and natural way. Who knows what might result…?


I cannot express how deep my gratitude is for the existence of this forum and for the good Sangha of Bhikkunis and Bhikkhus that continue to gather here. It is a great benefit and a source of joy that they offer their time, their thoughts and views. :anjal: :bowing_woman:


Today I am grateful that I can send metta and karuna to all beings, be they great or small, have no legs, 2 legs or more. :anjal::sparkling_heart:

I am grateful to the Buddha, and all his disciples over the millenia that have preserved and shared the Buddha Dhamma. :anjal: :sparkling_heart:

I am grateful to all the kalyanamittas, and the admins/moderators of Sutta Central, and all members of the forum, who share their love and appreciation for the Dhamma :anjal: :sparkling_heart:

May all beings be free from suffering :thaibuddha: :dharmawheel: :revolving_hearts:


Today’s news that fire stepped away from NSW Santi Monastery I’d like to add some “gratefulness”-msg here.

But - is it not rather of a “relief” - type : because, to whom is the emotion of “gratefulness” adressed to at all?

Well, going a bit into it with meditation: let the impulse of “gratefulness” flower when it is here and even if it has no adressee: read the Buddha’s advice about it as being a wholesome mental state. And even more: get in friendly contact with it. Such mental state, how short ever, is good for your and your contemporaries fortune… :slight_smile:(end-of-selfadvice) :wink:

(taking breath and release breath)
(taking breath and release breath)
(taking breath and release breath)

Now, go back to the observation of the further news about the bushfires as long as it fits need…


Today I am grateful for Dhamma talks, chanting, sutta classes and guides and study aids, available online (especially those of and and and but also good sources anywhere). It’s very helpful in this life.


Today I am grateful for all the moral support Australians are receiving from around the world as the fires continue to burn.


Today I am grateful to my very dear friend who is just one month older than me. He has cancer and has been given a week or less to live. And also to my life partner who has cancer too, but with a better prognosis.

Death is rushing in from all sides, bearing down upon me. Better practice like my head’s on fire. :fire:


Metta. :pray:


Today I am grateful to the broccoli plant some of whose broccoli I will take for dinner. And I will invite it also to stay in the garden as long as it wishes for generations to come, tending it as I may.

I’m not sure what to do about the live christmas tree, that my wife bought, however. They grow to 100’ and I don’t think we have room for that. But for now I am grateful we didn’t chop down a tree, so it is sitting in the back yard, repotted. :christmas_tree:

:thinking: Perhaps i can depart and let it be someone else’s problem…but they might not be grateful. See where overthinking leads? :face_with_head_bandage: