AN2.310-479 — suggested correction in numbering

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Referring to (AN2) SuttaCentral

Shouldn’t the first be 310–319 instead of 310–321
and the second be 320-479 instead of 322-479?
(Especially since the first was helpfully enumerated (1)-(10))

See also Wisdom Publications numbering.

Thank you.

PS - Also checked PTS/CST — clearly there is an error “231” “232-247” (instead of 232-246) since there are 17 categories. Lankan has 170 suttas.


Likewise with AN1.333-377 [Lankan to]:

The last 30 suttas can be grouped 3 each (348-377) instead of 347-377 (see Wisdom Publications) [But it meant splitting 334 into 2 (like Wisdom Publications & Lankan).


Similarly, see Wisdom Publications:
SC [AN1.596-615] only has 16 items so should be AN1.600-615
and going up the suttas:
SC [AN1.592-595] should be AN1.596-599
SC [AN1.589-591] should be AN1.593-595
SC [AN1.587-588] should be AN1.591-592
SC [AN1.586] should be AN1.586-590 (5 suttas)

Checking with Lankan:
AN5.583 (WP&SC) = 1. 16. 7. 9. — 1. 16. 7. 12.
AN5.584 (WP&SC) = 1. 16. 7. 13.
AN5.585 (WP&SC) = 1. 16. 7. 14.
AN5.586 (SC) & AN5.586—590 (WP) = 1. 16. 7. 15. — 1. 16. 7. 19.
SC [AN1.587-588] should be AN1.591-592 (WP) = 1. 16. 7. 20. — 1. 16. 7. 21.
SC [AN1.589-591] should be AN1.593-595 (WP) = 1. 16. 7. 22. — 1. 16. 7. 24.
SC [AN1.592-595] should be AN1.596-599 (WP) = 1. 16. 7. 25. — 1. 16. 7. 28.
SC [AN1.596-615] only has 16 items so should be AN1.600-615 (WP) = 1. 16. 7. 29. — 1. 16. 7. 44. (16 items)


Maybe worth tagging bhante @sujato. He may have some background material on the numbering used in SC. :anjal:


Thanks. I guess, your ‘tag’ will work? :slight_smile:

PS ~ so far found two o̶n̶e̶ numbering error in Wisdom Publication tomes. (AN5.308-352 (not 316) and AN5.353 (not 317) -1152) and AN11.310-357 (not 367) and AN11.358 (not 368)-405
(What am I doing? [In case you are interested.] Trying to match the various translations (so far WP, PTS, SC, since these are the only complete ones) with pāli (CST). All epub versions, of course (& eventually mobi). & annotating the hard copies — WP and paperback CST pāli. WP epubs purchased were VERY difficult to use o-n the Kindle. [Maybe I don’t know enough about the Kindle search functions, but these links will work.])


Thanks so much Wayin. Golly, these little suttas are such a headache! But you’re right, the numbering should be adjusted. I will go ahead, and meanwhile if you notice any other cases I’d appreciate if you mention them here.


Looks like they should also follow WP since there are 5 pairs in each of the groups of suttas:

AN2.180 (SC) = AN2.180-184 (WP)
AN2.181-185 (SC) = AN2.185-189 (WP)
AN2.186-190 (SC) = AN2.190-194 (WP)
AN2.191-195 (SC) = AN2.195-199 (WP)
AN2.196-200 (SC) = AN2.200-204 (WP)
AN2.201-205 (SC) = AN2.205-209 (WP)
AN2.206-210 (SC) = AN2.210-214 (WP)
AN2.211-215 (SC) = AN2.215-219 (WP)
AN2.216-220 (SC) = AN2.220-224 (WP)
AN2.221-229 (SC) = AN2.225-229 (WP)

PS - Thank you for your prompt reply. It will take me some time to go through (& correct, if any) the rest of AN (WP, already done pāli, SC and PTS). Small repetitive suttas, but surprisingly fun.


Thanks so much Waiyin! I’ve been holding off working on this pending a bugfix in our bilara i/o tooling, but that is now fixed.
I’ve made the first set of changes to an2.322-479 and the results are pushed here:

I’m starting on the other issues now.

FYI, we don’t refer to the BJT or other Lankan editions. Our aim is to ensure strict identity with Ven Bodhi’s editions. Which sometimes means an uneasy compromise with the underlying text. Anyway, I’ll proceed with the other fixes you’ve posted.

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I’ve now done an1.333-377 and the results are here:

Per your suggestion, I have split 334 in two and adjusted the numbering accordingly.

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I have fixed this one here:

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This one is I think irrelevant for SC, as we do not distinguish the numbers inside the range, which would affect one segment only. I think BB’s translation requires a Pali text that is more elaborated than the MS edition.

And this one has already been corrected on SC.

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Indeed, I have fixed this one here:

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Thank you very much, Bhante Sujato.

SC as the gold standard, and all other versions as a reference — this is what I use.

Grouping all errors (differences?) found in Wisdom Publication tomes (here);
Aside from the 2 in AN, found a 3rd in SN (which is corrected on SC):

3 (corrected on SC) WP:SN12.82 should be SN12.82-92 (as per SC)
WP:SN12.83 should be SN93-103 (as per SC)
WP:SN12.84-93 should be SN104-213 (as per SC)


Bhante @sujato, Will any of these changes break old permalinks (inbound links from other pages)?

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They don’t affect the sutta names, just the segment numbers. And that is only a few segments in a few suttas; and those suttas are the peyyala texts, so it will only affect someone linking to a specific segment with one of these peyyala texts. Which (I would guess) is no-one.

Thanks so much for the sleuthing! I’ll make a note of these in a more permanent place.