AN5.162 Anger Management: talk by Piya Tan

Aghata Pativinaya Sutta (AN5.162)

The Sutta mentions 5 kinds of people whom we are likely to resent or feel hatred towards, that is, to say:
(1) someone impure in deed but pure in speech [§§8-9],
(2) someone impure in speech but pure in deed
(3) someone impure both in deed and in speech
(4) someone impure both ways, and shows no faith and
(5) someone pure both ways and shows faith through meditation.
The Sutta illustrates each of the methods for overcoming feelings of
resentment by a parable. We shall first list the occasions for wise
attention followed by the parable:
(1) wisely attend only to the person’s pure speech (the dust-heap rag parable)
(2) wisely attend only to his pure deed (the overgrown lotus lake parable)
(3) wisely attend only to his appearance of faith (the hoof-print puddle parable)
(4) reflect compassionately on his karmic fruit (the suffering traveller parable)
(5) wisely attend to his deed, his speech or his attitude (the pleasant lotus lake parable)

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