AN7.54 The true seeker is not concerned with the afterlife: talk by Piya Tan

Avyakata Sutta (AN7.54)

The Avyākata Sutta opens with a certain monk asking the Buddha how is it that a true disciple has no doubt regarding the undetermined points [§1.2]. The Buddha begins his teaching by saying that the true disciple has attained “the ending of views” (diṭṭhi,nirodha) [§2]. The unwise worldling, on the other hand, easily falls into views, since he simply does not understand or accept the nature of views [§3], and so is not free from them, suffering on this account [§4]. The true disciple understands the nature of views and accepts them, and so is free from suffering [§§5-7]. As such, the true disciple “who knows thus, sees thus” “does not determine [declare]” (na vyākaroti) the speculative points regarding the posthumous states of a tathagata or a being [§8], because he understands the nature of these speculative points [§9], and so has no fear whatsoever about such matters [§10].