Analayo and Hallisey on Rebirth in Early Buddhism


Here’s a video of that event – can be more useful as in a lecture portion, V. Analayo uses a slide-presentation.


downloads (e.g. using ClipGrab) to a 412 MB mpg4 file 

it's long (2hr 14 min) and has parts (beginnning and between interview and lecture) with nothing going on to see.

Complete talk (audio only) is also available here:


Thank you! I skimmed past the email notification from Wisdom, so this was a welcome reminder. Will watch with my morning tea.

Viññāṇa nidana is just collective consciousness (knowledge).
Why rebirth should only be involved in this.
Rebirth is about existing again, in a new destination. And about recollecting the ancient destinations, one has been in previous existences.
Analayo’s friend might just be recolleting part of viññāṇa nidana. Not especially a former life as a bhikkhu, for instance.