Analayo Bhikkhu---Readings in the Madhyama-āgama 02---2012

E-learning Course Series: Readings in the Madhyama-āgama (2011–13)

The Arahant and the Four Truths

Bhikkhu Analayo Course Syllabus 0,98 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Bodhi Lecture 01a 1/12 55′ 6,74 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 01 0,08 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 21 2/12 31′ 3,52 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 02 0,06 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 22, MA 23 3/12 91′ 10,83 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 03 0,07 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 24, MA 25 4/12 95′ 11,48 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 04 0,05 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 26 5/12 94′ 11,46 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 05 0,06 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 27 6/12 93′ 11,05 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 06 0,07 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 28, MA 29 7/12 91′ 10,98 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 07 0,08 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo SA 1032, SA 389, MA 29 8/12 92′ 11,14 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 08 0,07 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 30 9/12 91′ 11,05 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 09 0,26 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 31, EA 27.1, MA 32 10/12 93′ 11,05 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 10 0,06 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 33, MA 34 11/12 99′ 11,85 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:
Bhikkhu Analayo Lecture 11 0,06 MB :page_facing_up:
Bhikkhu Analayo MA 35, MA 36, MA 37, MA 38, MA 39, MA 40, MA 41 12/12 92′ 10,79 MB :arrow_down: :recycle:

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Thanks for sharing all these talks! The download of the audio files doesn’t seem to work for me.
(error message: Ops, page not found)

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Thank you for alerting me, Venerable! I noticed these exact files gone missing once before soon after upload—oddly just the mp3s, the pdfs don’t seem to be affected.

This should work now, please try and download again. I will also double check all the other uploads; if you find any other issues please alert me and I will fix it.

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Works now! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

The files seem to have gone missing again. I only downloaded the first half last time but if you could upload them again, I’ll get them all and won’t bug you again! Thank you.

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No, please do bug :smile:, I’m actually grateful that you discovered this problem (I have double checked all other uploads and found one other missing mp3) :smile:

There seem to be some minor technical issue in the background, but for the time being I will try one more workaround that I believe will spare Blake the trouble of investigating the cause: I have ‘recycled’ the problematic mp3s so that the system will recognize them as new files (but the content remains the same).

Please download these new files indicated by :recycle: and this should fix it for you, I will keep an eye on this to see if it works as expected.

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