And the LORD created Polymer 2.0

And he looked upon what he had done, and he said: “It is good.”

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Something I just noticed, Chrome uses Polymer internally for the new MD style interfaces for settings, downloads, etc.

One of us should follow the instructions here:

That involves removing the bower_components folder and reinstalling the components. These are all cached in our github repository so it would involve badness should the four of us all do the same thing. In the meantime I’m working on my own scratchpad project, separate to next-sc, so I’m happy for @vimala to do this.

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Indeed, we should, it’s always been our intention for the site to be 2.0 at launch. Meanwhile, not all of the components have been ready, so we’ve waiting for that. It’s up to Blake and Vimala to determine when the right time to upgrade is.

In the meantime, whether you’re working on 2.0 or 1.x, just remember that the final thing will be 2.0.

It’s impressive that the latest Polymer core is only 10kb. They are really focused on being as minimal as possible. Seeing as how they’re using Polymer for the internal browser interface, you have to wonder whether it won’t just eventually melt entirely into the browser.

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Up to now I’ve been using 2.0 release candidate 2.

I :heart: small files.

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Oh, good on you. I couldn’t get it to work, the dependencies tripped me up. Anyway, now I just work with whatever Vimala and Blake serve me!

I’m always happy to dig into the plumbing. I’ll leave the porcelain to you.

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I tried some time ago and failed because it is not so simple. Most Polymer components are not upgraded to 2.0 yet. We cannot make the necessary changes in the bower components ourselves because they will be overwritten each time. After I had upgraded my test project, nothing worked any more. So maybe @Blake can have a look. I also do not have time for doing anything until July.

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I’ve had no luck getting those paper and iron elements working with polymer 2.0. As we are hurtling towards the rains retreat I think my best option is to wait until the shift to 2.0 is done and at least start with a working codebase. Or all my free time will be swallowed by something else - we’ll see. :smile:

Sure. I just found out that some paper and iron elements I have been using have just been depricated in favor of the app-elements so I will have to revamp the whole site anyway. I will start that after Ajahn Brahmali’s visit.


I’ve uploaded a draft new version of the site using app-layout instead of the paper-drawer/header/toolbar we had before because all those have been depricated. Of course a new element also poses new challenges so not everything works as it should now. I will be working on that in the next week.

Cool, I have pulled these and they mostly work fine.

Is there somewhere that has a list of such deprecated elements?

Haven’t found it yet but there are a lot of small errors like in the paper dialog. I had to take the modal mode off because it would crash on that.
I have not seen a list yet but will have a look if I can find one.

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