Annihilation of ”mere cessation” ;)

Sujato wants it to be Baka saying: ”Consciousness where nothing appears, infinite, luminous all-round” - that is why he replied that Baka lacks integrity.

So now we know it is The Buddha saying it.
Not Baka.

And to further prove that the Brahma gods like Baka are not narcissists full of ego who lacks integrity, quite the opposite, please read this:

From the same sutta MN 49:
So I understand, O Brahma, your coming and your radiance: “Brahma Baka is truly powerful, truly mighty, truly skilled.”

And a whole lot more praise.

So imagining that Baka lacks integrity, like he was a liar, and is full of ego is nowhere to be found in the suttas.

Now that we got that out of the way, if one can’t teach dhamma in the formless, how can one do it from the formless? One can’t, impossible

So nothing in the sutta MN 49 has anything to do with the formless dimensions, in any shape or form.

MN 49 = Buddha speaking about Nibbāna.

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