Announcing our moderators

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the new moderator team we’ve put together for Discourse.SuttaCentral. Everybody, please meet @brenna, @claralynn, and @anon29387788!

We’ve been blessed with a polite and constructive community here so far, and I have not have the need to moderate anyone. But this is the internet, and good things don’t last. I’ll be disappearing on my 18 month retreat soon, and I wanted to make sure the forum is in good hands.

We will continue to have @blake looking after the backend and doing the admin and technical stuff. But we need some people to look after the people, as well. Discourse is designed using best practices to foster civil dialogue, but a strong, and pro-active hand in moderation is still essential.

I looked out for some people using the forum who I felt seemed qualified; and—I make no apologies for this—I reached out only to women. The internet is often not a very female-friendly environment, and I wanted to ensure that women’s voices would be a strong part of how this forum evolves.

Moderation is a tricky and fluid thing, and can be difficult: no-one likes being the bad cop. Okay, well some people do, but they probably shouldn’t be doing moderation!

I would ask our users to be respectful of our moderators, and to help them out if needed. Remember, if there are trolls on the forum, don’t argue with them, just flag their posts.

Below here, perhaps our moderators would like to introduce themselves.

Also, if anyone has any ideas or preferences regarding moderation, you can make some suggestions. Would you like this forum to be more tolerant of problematic posters, or would you like to ensure that everyone felt comfortable and safe? I used to lean towards the former; these days, I lean towards the latter.


Very nice. :smile:
A one step ahead.

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Many thanks for this. I’m one of the new moderators and very much appreciate the opportunity. My experience has often been that while doors are rarely closed shut to women these days, still those doors can be difficult to open. Having this door be opened (being asked to be a moderator) is much valued and appreciated.

Background: I’ve been a practicing Buddhist since 1999, first in a Mahayana tradition (City of 10,000 Buddhas in California), later with the Forest Sangha. These days I self-identify as simply Theravada and lead a local ‘Dhamma Friends’ group in my adopted home in northern Scotland. Also co-lead a local eco-sangha.

Workwise I teach Kindful Communication, a blend of Buddhism and Nonviolent Communication. ‘Kindful’ was inspired by one of Ajahn Brahm’s talks, on Kindfulness.


Very well said, Claralynn! This struggle is not only evident in daily life and on the Internet in general, but also for women in Buddhism. That is one of the reasons why I’m very excited to be a moderator; to further the conversation about the roles women play in Buddhism, and the ways in which they can be improved.

Background: I’ve been practicing within the Theravada lineage since 2013. I consider my ‘home’ sangha to be the Bhavana Society of West Virginia where I am part of the social media team. I also write for the Alliance For Bhikkhunis from time to time. When I am not doing any of these things I am a student and meander about on other Buddhist forums.

Many thanks to Ven. Sujato and the Discourse Team for this opportunity and all the work they do!



Dear Bhante,

I echo Barua123. One huge step ahead. Awesomeness!!

I would prefer to have no trolls here. If a person can’t be civil and not trying to practice right speech/action, it’s just a waste of time to even try meeting them halfway. I noticed too from past experience that certain people like to and intentionally provoke people to react to their posts.

Dear Moderators,

Thank you for taking the responsibility! May you have not too many unpleasant dealings with people.
Much merit to you :smile:

with Anjali and metta,


Thanks for your feedback. Am I right, Ven Brahmali said you are a moderator for the BSWA? Or was that someone else?


Dear Bhante,

Yes, Bhante, that is correct. I am one of the two lay volunteer moderators for the BSWA.

with reverence, respect, and gratitude,


Hello Everyone :smile:

I’m really glad to have been offered the chance to make a contribution in this way, particularly since I feel so grateful for this resource and all the hardwork that has been put into it.

My background: I’ve been a practising Buddhist for a little over 20 years and I consider Ajahn Brahm to be my main teacher; I love going on his retreats when I can. Over the years I’ve helped out by serving on committees and volunteering in various other ways. I’m a teacher by trade.

With much metta


Dear @brenna, @claralynn, and @anon29387788,

I just want to take this opportunity to welcome you!
Sorry for the late response to this post - I have been very busy lately and not online as much. You will see me post stuff on meta, usually announcing new translations I have added to the SC website.

Thank you for doing this great job.
With lots of metta
Samaneri Vimala


Anumodanā, Ayya! Many thanks for all of your hard work as well – it is incredibly beneficial.

Thank you very much, Ayya, and we look forward to your contributions!

Thanks so much. :smile:

Lovely to touch base with you Ayya.

Metta _/_