Antarctica and sea level rise

This is a very beautiful and amazing website! It takes a few minutes to go through the site but it is well worth it:

Polar scientist dr. Jan Lenaerts from Utrecht University in the Netherlands published an article today in Nature Climate Change about the discovery of huge lakes of meltwater just under the surface of the polar ice in Antarctica.
They went to Antarctica to investigate a huge crater that they believed was a meteor-crater. However, what they found is that it was a huge lake of meltwater under the ice.


Fantastic presentation, thanks so much for sharing it. It’s great to see the scientists not just getting the information, but sharing it for non-specialists in such a clear and helpful way.

I especially liked seeing the hard, dangerous, and uncomfortable work the scientists do. Scientific research involves a lot of slow, difficult, and tedious grunt-work. And then the fools in power sit back in their comfy plush chairs and say, β€œI have an open mind. But no-one really knows!”