Any EBT based bhikkhunis that you recommend learning from?

I really enjoy the teachings of brahmali and sujato and those are the bhikkhus I mainly listen to but I really want to make a change and get more input from the amazing bhikkhunis as well. Is there Ebt focused bhikkhunis that you would recommend I check out? Especially dhamma talks and books.

Thanks in advance

With metta

Rock Lee


I highly recommend venerable Ayya Sudhamma, @Charlotteannun. She runs regular meditation and study sessions online.

I also learn so much from venerable @sabbamitta’s posts on this board.


I see you are in London.
Venerable Canda does regular sutta discussion and dhamma teachings outside of Vassa online and in Oxford.
Also see if you can find some of Ayya Karunika’s talks on Youtube. We haven’t been very good at recording them, but they are definitely inline with Ajahn Brahmali style talks.


Thank you! But Sabbamitta isn’t a Bhikkhuni. :smile:

I am a Silashin or Thilashin according to Burmese tradition.


Thank you for the correction. :pray:

I will change my recommendation to a wise Buddhist woman I learn much from is @sabbamitta :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @RockLee , I very much recommend Ayya Vimalanyani’s excellent analysis of the suttas; such clarity and erudition!

Many of her talks can be found on the Buddhist Insights Empty Cloud channel in a playlist:

Also you might want to have a good look through other Empty Cloud videos for Sutta based teachings by Ayya Soma, Ayya Brahmavara, and many more women teachers.


Thank you everyone for your replies