Any good news on the climate lately?

Climate has been absolutely extreme this past year, and every day breaks new records.

Despite what you may think, I’m always on the lookout for good news, so this caught my eye.

Great! But hang on … it’s a report by the meat industry on the meat industry, it’s based on land clearance, and the land clearance figures are dodgy (read: certainly wrong).

Oh well, I tried! Meanwhile, it turns out that relying on industry figures for methane emissions is probably a bad idea.

Which fits, because well:

But there is some genuinely good news. Better late than never, the US EPA finally has the teeth to close down coal-fired electricity:


Yes, the heat has been pretty brutal out here.

And yesterday I learned that about a third of all habitable land on earth is currently used to grow plants to feed to cows:


You’re in Thailand, right? It’s just ongoing, 40+ in multiple centers. It’s the biggest climate anomaly in recorded history.


  • 43.8 Loei all time high


  • 42.9 Kalasin
  • 42.7 Roi Et & Korat
  • 42.6 Bua Chum
  • 42.5 Mukdahan
  • 42.3 Chayaphum
  • 42.2 Chok Chai
  • 41.9 Tha Phra
  • 41.7 Nang Rong
  • 41.6 Wichian Buri & Srakew


  • 41.2 Savannakeht

National record broken again at Tha Ngon: 43.7 yesterday.

In Nagpur, I was talking with Ayya Yeshe, and she’s in discussions with her community about moving to another place, as it’s just becoming unlivable. Imagine being in the slums, no electricity, a tin roof, and week after week of 40+. The hot season is only just beginning.

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I almost didn’t click on this topic, in anticipation of more doom. (got plenty thanks)

You’re not a YT fan, but this is Robert Llewellyn’s (Kryton to his friends) latest, mostly positive, Almost Breaking News:

Pro Tip: keep your “subscriptions” page open and avoid clicking any recommendations.

WA is building astonishingly large batteries to shift rooftop solar generation to the evening peak:

Novated leases are bringing EVs in line with petrol vehicles:

Rivian’s cash reserves have been topped up as it scales up production:

Cool cars and a very different company culture to Tesla. Plus they’re bringing out the R3, a smaller more affordable vehicle. Gonna need a lot of them.

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California and Texas break record after record:


ใช่ครับ! :grin: :thailand:

Well, thankfully I’m not in one of those slums over the canals in Bangkok. I can’t even imagine how bad they must smell in this heat! But as far as no electricity and a tin roof are concerned: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :grimacing: yes, that’s my situation… heat exhaustion two or three times last month…

Yes, I’m also starting to wonder how much longer I can stay here myself…

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Venerable, you don’t have ‘trees’ around the area where you live? Temperature under a big tree is significantly lower than open air.

a side note (a funny one) — learn water kasina! :grin: :laughing: :rofl:


Yes, we have some ‘trees’ Unfortunately, with the drought, the foliage is quite sparse.

Good idea! :laughing:

I also just learned that the syllable ‘hū’ (呼) can be used “for eliminating [excess] heat” (although, I suppose in the 10th century, 呼 would have been pronounced differently… Maybe that’s why it’s not working? :sweat_smile:)


Wow, it’s amazing how long we’ve been told that renewables won’t cut it.

When I drove from Atlanta west, it was really striking how right across the desert, Texas, New Mexico, there was blazing uninterrupted sun all day, no solar in sight, and oil pumps pumping everywhere. Then you cross over the border to California, and there’s not just solar and wind, but multiple generations of old windmills and solar, already in use for decades. People and policy make a difference.

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Well if you’ve been reading RenewEconomy for the past decade or so, you’ll know that we started with 20% renewables being the maximum before the grid falls over. We’ve continued to add them to the grid since then and the critics keep bumping that up. Now we’re at this point:

Unlike WA, SA is connected to the National Electricity Market so that’s going to take into account the imports and exports over the inter-connectors. Could be there’s a small amount of gas generation being kept on while a greater amount of renewable energy is exported.

This has bipartisan support and over this time they’ve had both Labor and Liberal state governments that have kept the ball rolling. I’m certain this is made much easier by the fact that SA hasn’t much in the way of coal mines.

Now they’re predicting a huge increase in load as industry comes to town.

So basically, the transition is happening. The pace is astounding. But yeah, gotta go much faster.

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Somehow what they call the “jet stream” seems to have changed.

It is noticable here in Central Europe. The weather usually stays the same for weeks without a change.

I’ve read somewhere that this could also mean that from now on we will only have either very hot or very wet summers.

Some more good news today regarding the budget announced by the Australian federal government:

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Monasteries around the world, and basically all houses, have to invest in solar panels and air conditioners or at least fans.

The money spent this way is an investment to avoid heat stroke medical costs and having to pay for the travel expenses of monks who leave the hotter area for colder areas.

It’s only going to get hotter year by year, don’t just focus on passing through the hot season.

I wrote something of having to install fans in every kuṭi to the abbot of na uyana to save on medical fees. If you are in charge, please do make the request from the kapiya or talk to the abbot about it. Air conditioner is a necessity already. I think Malaysia is relatively ok with fans everywhere, but for places which has seasons of hot and cold, they don’t invest enough in fans, underestimating the heat of the hot seasons.


More good news from Australia:

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To keep your sanity it helps to stay focused on what you can do.

This list of causes from the United Nations surprisingly has a number of things we can do in regards to our habits and lists clearly defined issues to put pressure on politicians about.

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It has forced me to deepen my practice of grounding and embodying the rapid changes in the body.
I am the environment, and I trust consciousness and a body that has kept up the pace for about 14’8 billion years.
When I ask that being what he thinks about “problems” he just listen attentively to my minor bigbangs of fear


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