Arahants and Bad manners/habits

Dear beloved community,

Does an Arahant still remain his/her bad manners? May we know the list of them in Nikāya evidences?

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Care to explain what you mean by bad manners? Manners are highly culturally specific.

Bad manners or habits like using mirror, climbing the tree, speaking make people feel uncomfortable, etc.
Thank you

Arhats would probably stop passing judgement on such irrelevant things in the first place. After all, they have a heart full of Karuna.

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There is a Zen tale of two monks crossing a river. An elderly lady asks for their help and one of the monks help her, carrying her across the river.

The other monk gets irritated but stays silent. A few hours later, he can’t hold himself anymore and says “Venerable, we’re not supposed to touch woman, don’t you know?”

The first monk replies “Venerable, I dropped the lady hours ago and you’re still carrying her!”

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