Are four contemplations practiced at one time or separately in a session

How are the four contemplations of Vipassana along with anapana are practiced; are they practiced simultaneously or one at a time or in combinations during meditation session and while doing day to day work.
Reference of the suttas will be helpful.

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I think it is worth checking the rules of the forum. This is not a place to discuss practice. Let me tag the @moderators

Now, on the topic and trying it keep it to an EBT discussion, it may be worth checking the sutta in which we have the simile of a chest full of clothes and the fact one will choose to wear whatever suits the occasion and circumstances of the day, SN46.4:



@Gabriel_L is right that we don’t discuss our personal practice in this forum.

But we exist to discuss the suttas and related texts, and we hope that all readers will progress in their practice. :slight_smile:

So I’ve moved this thread to the Watercooler, where it would be nice if folk could provide helpful links, either EBTs or other relevant materials. The only proviso is to remember to discuss these as public texts that are guides to practice, and to hold back on publishing info about our own practice, :pray: