Are there any sets of portraits of disciples?

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any image sets made for the people we encounter in the EBTs?

For a few we find images, eg. Mahakassapa:


But I’m not aware of a set of them.

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Yes, Bhante @sujato I know of this set by the Sri Lankan artist Gayan Chanuka Widanapathirana, who has created a set of drawings on the enlightened Theris, such as the ones below:

Mahapajapati Theri

Khema Theri

You can see the full set collected in an album on Ayya Thataloka’s facebook page

There is also this video by Dhammadarini Monasterychanting the list of Foremost Bhikkhunis with illustrations by Gayan Chanuka Widanapathirana:

The artist has also illustrated other figures from the EBT including:

Angulimala Thero

Maha Kassapa Thero

Bahiya of the Bark Cloth

You can see more images of EBT figures by Gayan Chanuka Widanapathirana as book covers here on this publisher’s site.

He seems to be still alive if you should need to track him down.


Oh, thanks so much! This is an excellent start. I’ll look into it. (I’m thinking it would be nice to have images for the search results for these folks.)