Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body?


There is a mind/body process but it has no owner - it belongs to nature. It persists for a period of time and breaks-up. The body returns to the ecosphere and the ‘mind’ - this remains an open-question? Therefore, you are an open-question - nothing more and nothing less?

The ideas may arise: I am the body or, this body - that I experience - is mine. The ideas may arise: I am the mind or, this mind - that I experience - is mine. An idea may arise, I am a combination - a synthesis - of the body and the mind etc. These ideas arise in the mind - this is where they occur.

So, thoughts may arise ‘I am the body’ or ‘I am the mind’ or, a combination of ‘both’ - correct? Thoughts may arise: I am (not) the body or, I am (not) the mind or, I am (not) a combination of both - correct?

Where is this ‘I’ located that identifies with the body/mind? The body and the mind may be ‘I - less’ and ‘mine-less’ - having no enduring existence or essential identity. These ‘notions’ may just be 2 of many thoughts that arise and cease in an impermanent stream of consciousness?

“In analytic terms also the ‘I’ is simply the subject of the statement ‘I am’, which says nothing of the nature of that existence.” - Malcolm Riddoch

‘I’ and mine may be figures of speech? Speech habits seem to add to the ‘confusion’ and they may also be a product of it? There is a sense of self - a feeling that arises as a consequence of the idea. The mind-door makes contact with the idea - personality belief. Contact conditions consciousness and consciousness conditions feeling.

The image above contains 2 questions: are ‘you’ a mind or are ‘you’ a body?? The video ends with the question: the self [the you] may be something else entirely that no one’s yet dreamt-up? If the nature of its existence has not been established why did the speaker - in the video - posit it in the first place?

Why is there a need to ‘take it for granted’ that this body/mind has anything to do with a separate and discrete self? In an interdependent world nothing stands alone ‘in and of’ itself.

Tune-in, drop-out and, wake-up! :no_mouth::sunglasses::star_struck:

Ajahn Brahm:

"When thoughts come up in the mind it’s both useful and fascinating … to consider, … Where did that thought come from?” … trace these thought patterns back [they arrived from elsewhere] … either in [spoken] words or in books [etc.] … Thoughts come according to their conditions, they are triggered in the mind because of causes. It’s fascinating to see that thought is anatta, not ‘me’, and not ‘mine’. "

Why wait for anything?
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Mind and body; nibbana; knowledge and vision!:mindblown:

with metta,

Where there is no grasping, clinging or, identification and a complete openness to ‘what is’ - that which comes and goes - what might this be?

Ignorance and its byproducts.

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There is no you…hence both do not apply.
Form = void & void = form.
Mind is the middle way! Taught by the Buddha…yet there is no mind!