Arthritis anyone?

Hi I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with arthritis or osteoarthritis to be more specific? If so what are the best ways you’ve found to deal with it?

Dear Bhante_Darma, you are really setting a challenge for us moderators here with regards to upholding the guidelines :rofl: :upside_down_face:

The forum, even the watercooler, is not really meant for just any old kind of chat - but something that has some relation to EBTs or at least Buddhism. Really this type of question is best asked either a medical chat room (or can be looked up on one of the very many medical sites available), or even just among friends or people on the street.

Now we don’t want to be too pedantic, but inevitably if we let questions like this in, then others wil always say, well you let that person ask about non Buddhist things why not me, and me , and me and me etc

Also because we archive all the responses, it does fill up space with unnecessary and completely irrelevant stuff …

As such, I’m going to lock the topic. Anyone can respond to your question by PM (personal message) or you can look up the answers as suggested above.

This topic will be deleted after a few days.

metta and karuna