Asking for blessings

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Do therevadan buddhist ideally ask for blessings from The Buddha (as a preference) or is that strictly a Mahayana thing (as with they ask blessings to the bodhisattvas and deities as well)?

I know it is in the suttas (as someone linked in my original post) but as a discussion, do theravadans do it for whatever reason or are asking for blessings (choice) strictly mahayana?

I only know that Zen Veitnamese do it. However, I dont know if it is personal preference given culture or part of Dharmic practice such as meditation, and giving, and bowing to the Buddha, so forth?

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Not in my experience. For us, chanting and bowing to the Buddha is about recollecting his qualities.

But traditional Theravadins with a devotional emphasis may well think of their devotions in a different way, believing that they are invoking an eternal essence of the Buddha.


Hmm. Interesting. I was talking to someone in another forum whose wife is Buddhist (think Pureland). I visited a Pureland temple. The owner said the temple is set up to where those coming from christian (and abrahamic) backgrounds have a comfortable transition. A few others I know externalize The Buddha and The Dharma (chanting to a physical scroll with The Dharma on it for its blessings.)

Im not that familar with Theravadin compared, but it did give me an off feeling nonetheless.

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… The Buddha Awakened in that very life, lived 45 to teach the Dhamma and establish the trainings for humans, gods, … and then died. Escaping rebirth and samsara entirely, by that complete Awakening.

I do not ask for the Buddha’s blessing, because the Teaching was given.

Imo it is good to Recollect; it may not be good to fantasize, project, or invent. A lifetime is limited, and one should be diligent in practice…


From a strictly linguistic perspective, the English word “blessing” would not appear to be something associated with Buddhist practice. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “blessing” as follows:

" Authoritative declaration of divine favour and countenance, by God or one speaking in his name; benediction; passing into:"

" Invocation of divine favour by any one."

" The bestowal of divine favour and prospering influence; favour and prospering influence of God."

" A beneficent gift of God, nature, etc.; anything that makes happy or prosperous; a boon."

Perhaps the only English definition of “blessing” that is potentially consistent with Buddhist teachings is this one:

“The rendering of grateful adoration.”

Or possibly this one listed in the OED as obsolete:

" A charm, spell, incantation."

And that definition only seems marginally relevant if by “incantation” one includes the chants that Buddhists recite to recall the Buddha’s teachings.


Hmm. I know when I looked it up in the suttas it also does mention omens (and spells, etc). What would make up for various cultures that ask for The Buddhas (and various buddhas) blessings without influence from any abrahamic belief (therefore the belief of divinity)?

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Having been blessed by the suttas this year, I find it inconceivable to ask for anything else. :pray:

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