Assistance in making use of Sutta Central materials

Hi, I am a translator and have used quite a number of English translation materials from Sutta Central, specifically relating to the Agama Sutra.
I’d like to acknowledge the use of these translations; could you kindly let me know what is the best way to do that?

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Yes, a “how to cite” would probably be good to add to one of the website’s “about” pages… Bhante @sujato ? :pray:

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Hi Stacey, for sutta references I recommend just using the SuttaCentral ID, eg. SN 1.1.

It depends on what you’re doing, but normally I would just say at the beginning of an essay, “translations by ‘translator name’ from SuttaCentral”.

If you’re using legacy translations, you’ll need to check the metadata for them, as they are normally not published first on SuttaCentral. And of course it varies depending on whether you’re doing academic work or whatever.

Is there anything else you need?

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It’s not really obvious to users what the legacy translations are. Is it correct to say that all translations (Bilara and legacy) have the copyright information under the “Info” tab?


Than you so much Bhante Sujato for your prompt reply, this is most appreciated.

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Dear Ajahn Sujato,

could you kindly have a look at the acknowledgement below, and let me know if this is okay?

The translation of the Diamond Sutra is based on
Buddhist Publications | Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center | Buddhist Publications. (2016). The Diamond Prajnaparamita Sutra. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Oct. 2022].

We’d like to acknowledge Bhiku Bodhi, Bhikkhu Anālayo, Ajahn Sujato, Choong Mun-keat, Charles Patton from SuttaCentral for their wonderful English translations of Saṁyuktāgama.

Ahh, I’m not sure what you are acknowledging here, you need to be more specific. I’ve never translated SA materials.

In addition, make sure you get the names correct, these are in the text metadata.

  • Bhiku Bodhi → Bhikkhu Bodhi
  • Ajahn Sujato → Bhikkhu Sujato

Rather than just linking to a translation, it is better to list the translations cited together with their translator.

Something like,

“Translations from the Samyukyagama are by Bhikkhu Analayo (SA 2, SA XYZ) and Charles Patton (SA 45, SA XYZ), sourced from SuttaCentral on such and such a date”.

If you are sourcing from multiple translators, you need to make clear which text comes from whom.

Generally speaking, a citation does not include praise for the translation, simply saying thank you is enough!