Atthakathā (commentaries) of Abhidhamma

Do anybody have Atthakathā (commentaries) of Abhidhamma in English? Or please share some documents that in English to study Pathana.

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You can find a translation of the Atthasalini here:

Most of the Abhidhamma commentaries, however, have not been translated into English.

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There are some Abhidhamma Atthakatha books available in English free to download online.

  1. Dhammasangani - Atthasalini (Vol I & II)
  1. Vibhanga - Sammohavinodani
  1. Dathukatha, Puggalapannati, Kathavathu, Yamaka, Patthāna - Pancappakaranatthakatha (one book for five pakaranas),

but only Atthakatha for Kathavathu is available online - Kathavathuppakarana - Atthakatha

:innocent: Happy reading… I suggest you complete Abhidhamattha Sangaha first to get a glimpse of Abhidhamma Pitaka. Then try to understand 6 Paññatti (Khandha, Ayatana, Dhatu, Sacca (4 Noble Truths), & Indriya) concepts first before jumping straight to Abhidhamma. This is to avoid misunderstandings, misinterpretation and boredom due to confusion. I am aware that many people here denounced Abhidhamma Pitaka, so if you want to read it, kudos to you.