DN Maha parinibbana sutta, some MN English recordings submitted

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The reader is a senior monk in the Ajahn Chah lineage,
he was educated at Oxford so there’s a nice British accent.
The source text AFAIK is wisdom pub suttas that are licensed for SC.

The voice is very nice, the microphone audio quality not so much.

Since there is a lack of completeness at, I’m thinking about discounting the audio microphone quality and including it in our collection anyway. Thoughts?

If anyone wants to PL (proof listen), if we add this collection to, we wouldn’t be able to fix any errors found. I would just include a copy of this discussion thread with the errata.


I’ve had a random listen to a number of the recordings at various points. He definitely has a very nice speaking voice. The background noise does vary (outdoor jungle/bird/forest noises, and maybe a stream not too far away; almost sounded like person wading in a nearby stream at one point): background noise sometimes being quite gentle, sometimes a little loud, but his voice always seemed fairly audible anyway.

Overall, I think it overall it would be nice to have these up on the audtip site (particularly the mahaparanibbana sutta from the DN). My vote would be to put them up anyway.