Authenticity of Early Buddhist Texts - Corrections/Feedback

pg 110: Buddhas: Buddha Gotama and all five past Buddhas of the EBTs are mentioned, but none other: Sāka Muni [2, 134]; Kāsapa [2, 135]; Konigamena (= Konāgamana) [2, 132]; Vipasi [2, 137]; Vesabhu [2, 132]; Kakusadha [2, 137].

pg 111: Plants: Bodhi tree of Gotama Buddha [2, 127]; for Vesabhu this is specified as a Sal tree [2, 132], for Konāgamana as an Udumbara tree, for Kakusandha as a Sirisha tree and for Kassapa as a Nyagrodha tree, all as in DN 14.1.8 [6, 85–86]. Only the tree of Buddha Vipassī does not fit with the EBT description, which specifies the Pāṭalī tree. Instead it is given as the Asoka tree, as in the Mahāmāyūrī, a later Buddhist work [6, 83].**

pg 116-117: Straight from EBTs: Six Buddhas and their trees (DN 14.1.8): Vipassī with pāṭalī, the trumpet flower tree; Sikhī with puṇḍarīka, the white mango tree; Vessabhū with sālā tree; Kakusandha with sirīsa, the acacia sirissa tree; Konāgamana with udumbara, fig tree; Kassapa with nigrodha, Banyan tree; Gotama with assattha, the Ficus Religiosa [1, 82].

List one says “all five” and “Buddha Gotama,” implying that there are six Buddhas in total.
List one states that there are six Buddhas in total and lists six names.
List two doesn’t state the number of Buddhas in total, but lists six names.
List one states that there are six Buddhas in total, but lists seven names.

Buddha Sikhī seems to be missing from the first two lists.

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