Automatic sutta recognition on forum

I can’t be sure, because my memory lacks clarity, but back in the old days I have this memory that when we typed in a sutta reference for example mn28, the forum software would automatically turn the text (mn28) into a link to the relevant passage in the (now legacy) sutta central website. I think this got lost when the new website came along. Is there any plans to reintroduce this functionality? Or am I imagining that it ever existed? Anyway. it would be super cool.

Alternatively could the main site also be searched in the link search results of the forum software?


This seems to be a question for @helpdesk-dd !


I think it’s rather for the SuttaCentral team, maybe Bhante @sujato.


Yes, I remember this feature was dropped a couple of years ago.

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Blake wrote it as a plugin some years ago. It broke on an upgrade and then we changed our URLs on Suttacentral, so it wouldn’t work now. I’d love to reintroduce it, but since you see we’re still on the same pre-upgrade theme I introduced back in what 2014 or something, we haven’t had a lot of effort put in on the Discourse side.

If someone wants to do it, it wouldn’t be too hard, I’m sure the code’s still there, it’d just need some tweaks.