Ayya Vimalanyani Leaves Tilorien Monastery

Dear friends,

Many of you have been following the progress of Tilorien monastery closely and given much spiritual, material, and financial support to us in the last years.

I am very sad, but I have to let you all know that I left Tilorien today. It was a very difficult decision for me, but in the end, Ayya Vimala and I both agreed that it would be better if I continue my practise elsewhere. I’m not sure yet where I’ll be going but I think I may end up in Sri Lanka.

Thank you all for supporting us. I am very grateful to have met so many great dhamma practitioners through this project. May your generosity lead you all to peace, happiness, and eventually to nibbana.

With much metta,

Ayya Vimalanyani


Dear Ayya Vimalanyani,

May you find peace and contentment on your spiritual journey, may your practice bear wonderful fruit!

I hope that, just because the location of your body will change, we will still have contact through SC.

:anjal: :dharmawheel: :sparkling_heart::earth_asia::rainbow::sunflower:


Dear Ayya,

Thank you so much for your generous support of SuttaCentral. And the best of luck for your onward spiritual journey.

With much metta from Oz,
Ajahn Brahmali


Dear Ayya,
I’ve been gazing at the screen for some while, and still don’t quite know what to say. I’ve concluded metta is better than saying anything, so here’s my humble addition to the metta heap for now and the onward journey.
With bowing respect and…


Dear Ayya,

On the third pass, attempting to write a post, I’ll add my own pile of metta to that already accumulating on your behalf.

Best wishes for the next chapter. :pray:


Dear Ayya,
I wish you much metta too, for your onward journey. May you receive many blessings wherever you go. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Best wishes, venerable. Change can be challenging but brings new opportunities. Lots of metta and all the good vibes, may you find a good place and be well supported.

I’d love to see more of you doodles, so please keep them coming from wherever you are!

And its good that we can keep in touch with you on D&D. Your contribution with posts like this ‘thought experiment’ was a really interesting thing for me to see and many others felt the same: Thought experiment - a genderless vinaya

Hope to hear more from you. :grinning:


Dear Ayya,
Sending heartfelt good wishes ; may you find the most suitable place for your practice. Please please please continue to post your dhamma doodles, I would miss them ever so much otherwise…:worried::paintbrush::pencil2:


Dear Ayya,

May you be happy and free, wherever your road might lead you.


Dear Ayya,

Wishing you all the best on your travels!
Thank you for all you have done to help build Tilorien monastery and I hope you find a good place for your practice in beautiful Sri Lanka.

With much metta and gratitude,
Ayya Vimala


You will be most welcome in Sri Lanka😊


Thank you all for your good wishes. :heart:

I just wanted to add that I have arrived in Kandy, Sri Lanka today. Coming from wintery Europe, the heat will take a little getting used to but otherwise I’m very happy to be here. The place has a strong peaceful energy and I’m very blessed to be here. :sparkling_heart:
If anyone is in Sri Lanka or planning to visit, please drop me a line.


Thank you for letting us know of your safe arrival. The intervening silence has admittedly caused some concern that is now dispelled. :heart:


I just spent a little time noodling around in Google Street View in Kandy. How fortunate you are to be in such a lovely and historically significant location with many important Buddhist sites. May you find peace and tranquility there!


Are you in Kandy?! I’m in Sr Lanka on vacation, and might visit Kandy, so pm me your whereabouts.