B.Bodhi's Sutta Nipata and all theravada books 40% off for next 2 days, till 11/28/17


coupon code is: save40

I just bought the ebook, after 40% off is 23$ USD

if you’re going to buy the ebook, always but it from wisdompubs, not amazon, because wisdom gives you epub, mobi, pdf versions with no digital rights protetion on it, so you can browse and search the text easily on any device.

any other books people recommend from wisdom? 40% is a pretty hefty discount.


Me too! :slight_smile: Bought an electronic copy of the Sutta Nipatta last night from Wisdom. Had been humming and hawing about whether to buy BB’s version for a while (it was a bit pricey) but got an email about the sale a few weeks back. The 40% off clinched it and I decided to specifically wait for this sale.

I went through an Ayya Khema phase a few years ago and read and liked most of her books. I see there’s an Ayya Khema electronic bundle of her main 3 books (ordinarily for $15) but with the 40% discount would go, I presume, for only $9: “Being nobody, going nowhere” which won the Christmas Humphreys Memorial Award (and I think was a particularly nice book), “Know where you’re going” (which was called “When the Iron Eagle Flies” when I bought it) and “Be an Island”. Pretty good for just $9 for the three books IMO.

Another suggestion would be to sign up to audible.com when there’s a free book trial membership offer as there often seems to be. At worst, you can cancel before the month’s up and then at least you’ll be left with one free audiobook. There’s a reasonable selection of Buddhist books to choose from, e.g. there’s some by Ajahn Brahm, some Bhante Gunaranta, Ajahn Chah’s “Food for the Heart” etc. There are also recordings of most of the early books of the Khuddaka Nikaya by a company called “Dharma Audiobooks”. At one stage I specifically joined up to buy these. Some of the translations they use are a bit old, but they are well recorded, and the audio format really suits a lot of the KN (audio suits me a lot also when I’m commuting etc.). I originally signed up for the one credit a month plan (in sterling because from Ireland I’m going through UK audible website and cost me about $10 a month in US currency). But two months in they offered me three extra book credits for £6 (about $7) each, giving me enough to buy all the early books of the KN: a circa 5 hour Dhammapada/Udana/Itivuttaka combined recording, an 8 hour Sutta Nipata recording, a 4.5 hour Therigatha recording (with Bhante Sujato as one of the translators) and an 11 hour Theragatha translation.

Listening to the suttas is good. I’ve also used the http://www.audtip.org/ website with its freely available recordings (including some recordings by yourself : you’ve a nice speaking voice with, I think, very clearly pronounced Pali, though I really wouldn’t be the most knowledgeable judge about that :slight_smile: ).


The Pali texts recorded by Ven Jiv are lovely, he has a most sweet voice and very precise pronunciation. For anyone wanting to know how to do Pali right, this is a great place to learn.


This is not only the Suttanipāta that is 40% off, it’s ALL the books on the Wisdom Publications website (even the digital versions of the Nikāyas). :slight_smile:

I’ll probably complete my digital collection of all the Nikāyas. :slight_smile:

Thank you, @frankk!

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yeah, it’s all theravada books, not just sutta nipata. I’ve changed the thread title to reflect that, thanks for pointing it out. I picked up a couple of ajahn brahm books, bhante G’s latest book on metta, and one of ayya khema.

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