B. Sujato's Satipaṭṭhāna translation not loading

When I tried to load MN 10:


I just got undefined

iPhone 6s. Yes I cleared caches etc.

[EDIT: seems to be fixed?]

I don’t even get “undefined” on Chrome/Linux.

How will I ever get awakened if I can’t read this sutta? :disappointed_relieved:


Hmm, it has magically reappeared… :pray:

I am getting “Data Load Error”

It is working for me now.

Yes, some Suttas had this sort of issue, but it should be fixed now by @HongDa.


We pushed a major update to how the texts are marked up. This is intended to solve issues with display of root/translation. I inadvertently introduced bugs into a bunch of files. But I believe these are fixed now!


I’m still getting errors on android 10, latest version of chrome. I’ve cleared cache etc multiple times, but the errors still come up. Sometimes it’s “undefined”. Sometimes just a blank page. Sometimes a blank page with the navigation on top skipping out everything between Home and the Sutta (so it’ll say “Home > [the sutta]” instead of “Home > Discourses > etc > [the sutta]”). Sometimes I get “Data Load Error” with and without the sutta loading.

There doesn’t seem to be an obvious cause, and it doesn’t seem to be associated with a particular sutta. And the errors disappear on their own. But then they always reappear at some point.

Some screenshots I took today:

These things happen about 15-20% of the time I try to access a Sutta. Most of the time there’s no problem.

Arrg, sorry about your poor experience, I will alert our developers. But it’s really hard to debug something intermittent like this.

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I’ve seen this myself from time to time, too. It only seemed to happen with the Chinese Agamas, but that’s all I’ve been looking at. So at first I thought it had something to do with the Chinese texts, but I guess not.

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No worries, I just hope my feedback will be of some help. I appreciate how difficult it is to debug an issue that can’t be reproduced at request.

In case it’s helpful, I was having the same issues as @turntables (Android 11, latest version of Brave, clearing cache didn’t resolve the errors):

I did at one point get the following error message and then all the issues resolved shortly thereafter:

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I’ve gotten this too, a couple of times.

I’m pretty sure that is a cloudflair error. Cloudflair is a CDN and sometimes I guess it gets overloaded (although that’s the problem that a CDN is supposed to solve.)