BDK's Madhyama Agama Volume III is out

BDK just released The Madhyama Agama (Middle-length Discourses) Volume III, translation edited by Bhikkhu Anālayo and Roderick S. Bucknel

One more volume to go!


$80.00 printed, free PDF.

I have stopped buying printed reference books. I like studying with electronic books. It makes note taking easy. I just split the screen on my computer between the book and whatever I am writing my notes in.

I noticed in the table of contents for the PDF that the suttas start at #132.

Do the Agamas have a different numbering system?

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This is volume 3 of the Madhyama Āgama translation. There will be 4 volumes total. Check the same site for volumes 1-2.


That helps.

I took at look at their #132 and #132 from the Majima Nikaya and there were not the same sutta.

Correct. The MA is a different collection. But if you look up MN 82, you should see some striking similarities to MA 132 :wink:


Thanks so much for the update. I wonder what is taking so much time at Numata, this translation was completed years ago.


There was a global pandemic and paper shortage… Lots of publications were delayed. I’d assume they also got caught up in that.


BDK is also notoriously slow when it comes to the publishing process, or so I’ve heard.

They’ve been sitting in numerous translations for a while now, including Venerable Huifeng’s Astasahasrika Prajñaparamita sutra


Sure, of course. Still though, I get the feeling they’re a slow-moving organization.

Huh, that’ll be one to look out for, Huifeng does great work.

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Volume IV, the last one, has been released as well. It includes an appendix of tables listing parallels between the Pāli and Chinese discourses. You can download it for free here:


Awesome, thanks for letting us know. This is such an impressive achievement in the field of Buddhist studies.

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