Bear Awareness retreat

Check out the new retreat on “Bear Awareness” I helped set up! :wink:


This is amazing… I would do this in a heartbeat.

I love the use of MN4 too…one of my favorite suttas.

I have spent many a night alone in the woods, and thankfully have not had any contact with bears, all limbs accounted for.

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Oooo I want to sit this retreat! :grinning:

Are there bears in West Virginia?! I would be more worried about your neighbors with their shotguns. :sweat_smile:

of course there are bears around Bhavana, someone sees a bear a few times a year here.

as far as the neighbors with the shotguns, I have no worries for them either, all good people, plus I have to admit I get a little smile from the people who come to Bhavana and get scared from hearing shots while meditating

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