Beginner Course in Theravāda Abhidhamma (English Medium)

Beginner Course in Theravāda Abhidhamma

Rev. U. Siddhattha (Siddhatthālankāra) ​​will conduct a course on Theravāda Abhidhamma. The course is designed to be accessible even to beginners who do not have any prior knowledge in Abhidhamma and will gradually build up to an advanced level covering both the depth and breath of Theravāda Abhidhamma, while being appropriately paced for the busy laity. This will give a solid foundation to directly study the canonical books of the Abhidhamma Piṭaka as further studies subsequently.

Classes will be held Every Saturday from 8:00 am to 9:30 am (Myanmar :myanmar: Time, MMT / GMT + 6:30).

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Outline of the Abhidhamma Course

This course was designed for beginners, based on Abhidhammattha Saṅgaha, written by Venerable Anuruddha Ācariya. In this course, the Handbook of the Abhidhamma Studies is the main English source written by Venerable Sayadaw U Sīlānanda. In addition, students are encouraged to read the Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma written by Bhikkhu Bodhi for further studies.

The course is divided into three steps.

Step One

  1. Chapter of Consciousness - Cittaparicchedo

  2. Chapter of Mental Factors - Cetasikaparicchedo

  3. Chapter of Miscellaneous - Pakiṇṇakaparicchedo

  4. Chapter of MaterialityRūpaparicchedo

Step Two

  1. Chapter of Cognitive process - Vīthiparicchedo

  2. Chapter of Classifications - Samuccayaparicchedo

  3. Chapter of Process-freed - Vīthimuttaparicchedo

Step Three

  1. Chapter of Conditionality - Paccayaparicchedo

  2. Chapter of Meditation Subjects - Kammaṭṭhānaparicchedo

NB: exercises will be given for the lessons with appropriate guidance and direction.

Course References (with download links):

  1. Pāḷi source - Abhidhammattha Saṅgaha - Ācariya Anuruddha (Chattha Sangayana Tipitaka version)

  2. Main source - Handbook of Abhidhamma Studies by Venerable Sayādaw U Sīlānanda

  3. For further reading - Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma - Bhikkhu Bodhi

About the Teacher - Rev. U. Siddhattha (Siddhatthālankāra)

Rev. U. Siddhattha (Siddhatthālankāra) is a Sri Lankan monk ordained as a novice on May 22nd 2004, at Siri Sugata Senasuna, Kurunegala, one of the main branches of the Arankele Forest Monastery, belonging to Shwegyin Nikāya. The main centre is well known as Kanduboda Siyane International Meditation Center. He received his first higher ordination in May 2005 in Shwegyin Nikāya.

While staying in Shwegyin Nikāya, he passed the second level of the Prācīna (Paṇḍita) exam and practised Vipassanā meditation on the Mahāsi method in several meditation centres.

After four years, he went to Na Uyana Forest Monastery and received the second higher ordination on June 18th 2008, in Galdūwa Gunawardhana Yogāśramaya, Ramañña Nikāya. During the first four years, he dwelled at Nā Uyana Forest Monastery, under the guidance of Most Venerable Nā Uyne Ariyadhamma Mahā Thera, Most Venerable Mīgoda Saṅghasobhana Mahā Thera and Most Venerable Angulgamuwe Ariyananda Mahā Thera. He practised Samatha and Vipassanā meditation at Nā Uyana Forest Monastery, Sri Lanka. In the fifth year, he studied Vinaya at Diddeṇiya Forest Monastery under the guidance of Nuwaraeliye Ñāṇasīla Mahā Thera.

For further studies, he came to Myanmar: on February 20th 2013. He learned Vinaya, Sutta and Abhidhamma and Pāli grammar in the following monasteries in Myanmar: Mahvihāra Monastery, Tipitaka Mahā Gandhāyum Monastery and Yatana Pangon Monastery. While studying in Myanmar, he passed the “Sāsanālaṅkāra” (Samaṇejo) exam as the first Sri Lankan monk in 2018 in Myanmar. Moreover, he passed the “Vinaya Vidū” Exam as the first Sri Lankan monk in 2018 in Myanmar. At the same time, he graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Buddha Dhamma at International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University in 2020. He also practised Samatha and Vipassanā meditation at several Pa Auk meditation centres in Myanmar and Vipassanā meditation at Panḍitārāma (Mahāsi method).

He is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Buddhist Philological Pathway at Shan State Buddhist University. In addition, he is a current secretary and head of the Vinaya department at the International Institute of Theravada.