Beginner Level Weekly Pali Course

:eight_spoked_asterisk: IIT pali class (English medium)
:closed_lock_with_key::ballot_box_with_check: To enroll for the course :paperclips: :

:busts_in_silhouette::handshake:๐Ÿป To join the course related WhatsApp group :paperclips::

:clipboard::memo: To access course materials :paperclips::
:writing_hand::ballot_box_with_check: To sign-in for the lectures (one time sign-in) :paperclips::

:computer::headphones: To join the live zoom meeting :paperclips::

:bell::inbox_tray: To create calendar reminders.

  1. Download below iCalendar (.ics file) :paperclips::
  2. Import .ics file to your calendar system, this will import the event to your personal calendar and enable you to get an alert 30 mins prior to each lecture.
    :wheel_of_dharma: ciraแนƒ tiแนญแนญhatu lokasmiแนƒ sammฤsambuddhasฤsanaแนƒ...!!!:pray::pray::pray:

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