Beyond Mindfulness: In Search of Wisdom in a Secular Age

I recently published my first book - Beyond Mindfulness: In Search of Wisdom in a Secular Age.

I wrote it for intellectually-minded seekers who are wary of the dogmas of traditional religion but are interested in mindfulness meditation. It explores our unexamined adherence to the materialistic worldview and its ignorance of the primacy of consciousness. Nirvana—mental liberation—is then presented as the most meaningful goal to strive for, with the Buddhist path being the ultimate expression of self-improvement and spirituality.

If anyone is interested in a physical copy, it’s available on Amazon ( and locally in Sri Lanka at bookstores.

The e-book version is also available free to download at

I should thank @Khemarato.bhikkhu who gave me some valuable feedback on an early draft.

Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Similar title published 2009:

Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English: An Introductory guide to Deeper States of Meditation

Henepola Gunaratana

Yes, I am aware - and thanks for pointing it out.

I don’t think Bhante G would mind :slight_smile:
Besides, there’s another book published in 2014 with the same title too.

It seemed the most appropriate title given my target audience, and the subtitle distinguishes the titles well enough imo.

I skimmed the preface, intro, and table of contents. It looks quite interesting I must say… I’ll add it to my (ever-expanding to-read list—but near the top!) I too have appreciated Yuval Noah Harari’s books, and I’m curious to see your take on things in this ultra-modern world we now inhabit.

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Hope you find it a good read :slight_smile:

The first chapter “The Good Life” is about just that - calibrating ourselves to the world we live in now.