Bhante Sujato "Chaos & Metta" Tour d'Europe 2024-2025

Bhante Sujato will once again travel through Europe from November 2024 until February 2025! There are many retreats and other events planned in Norway, Poland, Germany, Italy, Belgium and England. A full schedule will be made available closer to the time. There are also some online events planned in September and October.

For the early birds: The registration for the retreat in Belgium from 10-19th January 2025 is already open!
This retreat is organized by Samita ASBL in cooperation with Inzichtsmediatie Antwerpen and will be held in Tibetan Centre Yeunten Ling near Huy.

You can find all information and registration form here:



The full program is not yet finalized but here are already a few other retreat venues:

Norway: 25th October - 1st November:

Germany: 28th November - 7th December at Kloster Sirisampanno:

Germany: 12-19th December at Kloster Wassermond:

Italy: 27th December - 5th January 2025:


Just wanted to let everyone know that Kloster Wassermond is where I’m currently staying. We’re a forest monastery for bhikkhunis in Brandenburg (Eastern Germany) very close to the Polish border, so very convenient to reach for people from Poland etc.
The retreat will be in English with simultaneous translation into German if necessary. Registration is open, and some people have already signed up, so don’t wait too long if you want to join!
The timing is perfect for people who want to escape the pre-X-mas frenzy and enjoy a quiet week leading up to the holidays.

If you want to join, there’s no registration form. Just send an email to and we’ll get in touch!



I have sent an email to start the enrollment process. :slight_smile:

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