Bhante Sujato in Europe 2019/2020

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Towards the end of the year Bhante Sujato will come for another visit to Europe.


His tour includes the following stages:

  • Dublin (Ireland) Nov 15–18, Irish Sangha Trust, program to be announced
  • Bratislava (Slovakia) Nov 20, Plejs, Dhamma talk
  • Horný Tisovník (Slovakia) Nov 21–Dec 1, Javorie, retreat
  • Warsaw (Poland) Dec 3–10, Theravada Poland, retreat
  • Hamburg (Germany) Dec 13–17, BGH, program see website
  • Tilorien Monastery (Belgium) Dec 19–20 and Dec 22–28, no program
  • Antwerp (Belgium) Dec 20–21, Ehipassiko, Friday evening talk and Saturday meditation day
  • Huy (Belgium) Dec 29–Jan 8, Samita ASBL, retreat
  • Vienna (Austria) Jan 10–12, private organizers, Friday evening talk and meditation weekend; details to be announced

More details will be published closer to the time by the respective groups.

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Hi @sabbamitta! Not around Spain I see… Well, next time maybe…
Thank you for the information! :clap:


No, not around Spain. We were considering Portugal, but it didn’t work out to find an appropriate location.


Thank you @sabbamitta! :clap: :pray:


I have updated the schedule: The Board of Samita ASBL has just decided that the retreat will be held at Huy in Belgium, an ancient castle run as a retreat center by a Tibetan Buddhist group, about one hour’s drive away from Tilorien Monastery.


I can’t edit the original post any more, so I am adding here an extra point for Hamburg:

  • Hamburg (Germany) Dec 13–17, BGH and Buddha Talk, program see respective websites.