Bhante Sujato in Sri Lanka - July 2019

Bhante Sujato will be presenting on How Sri Lanka can provide an inclusive path to national and global coexistence through the message of the Buddha.
Date 7th of July 2019
Time be seated by 3pm to start at 3.30 - 5.30pm
Venue Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo 7
Organised by Walpola Rahula Institute - Critical Thinking Forum
Pre registraion required - details in the flyerimage001


will there be a video of this talk? I hope so, as it will be important one to distribute!


Sri Lanka has been implementing the path of the Buddha already as they see it.

Indeed. Including inviting me to give this talk, providing a title and topic, and literally everything else. All I did was say “yes”. :wink:


I think it’s healthy to get the opinion of others. No need to be defensive. It’s something worth considering. It’s helpful to get a different perspective from someone who’s not too involved.


In my opinion, Sri Lankan’s should practice what they preach first! Especially the Sri Lankan monks.

Inclusion is the current topic in the national debate: