Bhava and jati, puredhamma

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Here the autor says that when one gets a human life he will get reborn many times as a human.

Is that view backed up by the suttas?

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While I can understand why it’s a become popular belief, I see very little support in the suttas for the idea of jati as “psychological” birth.

Take a look for example at the nidana “definitions” for birth, old age and death in SN12.2. They are clearly physical, describing the actual birth, aging and death of biological creatures, and clearly not describing purely mental or psychological events.

You could say that we are metaphorically “reborn” each morning when we wake up, but whether that’s actually a useful thought I’m not sure.

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Thanks for your input, although it doesn’t answer my question.

I would be surprised to see the view expressed on that website in the suttas because it would contradict almost every sutta where the buddha said that with the breakup of the body one is reborn either in heaven or in hell, because if the theory that when one acquires a human rebirth he will be reborn as a human 1000 of years is true, than almost everytime a human dies he will be reborn as a human again…

There is a very long thread on Dhamma Wheel about the teachings presented on that website. The website’s author also contributes regularly and is open to answering people’s questions there.

My advice would be to avoid this rabbit hole completely. But if you’re intent on it, at least read the suttas themselves first so you can have your own foundational knowledge of their teachings. I always suggest reading In The Buddha’s Words by Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi as the best place to start getting into the suttas.


I don’t recall a sutta that says that, and human birth is rare according to the suttas. However if you’re interested you could do some searches on Sutta Central to explore this further.
Here is a search I did earlier for “Human birth”:

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I am closing this thread because the Pure Dhamma movement expresses views that are not condoned by Sutta Central. Discussion of their views is not considered helpful here.