Bhikkhu Bodhi's Thematic Guide to the Aṅguttara Nikāya Linked to Bhikkhu Sujato's Translations

It doesn’t appear that anyone has posted a complete html linked version of Bhante Bodhi’s Numerical Discourses reading guide connected to Bhante Sujato’s translations.

Here is a page that has it… Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Thematic Guide to the Aṅguttara Nikāya Linked to Bhikkhu Sujato’s Translations – Reading Faithfully

If anyone wants to use the source code to update any on-line resources, feel free to take it. It was created using regex

Find: (AN(\d+)\.(\d+))
Replace: <a href="\2.\3/en/sujato">\1</a>

I get a network error from some links, e.g.

Ah! Thanks for that. I will fix.
I’ll post again when I get it all fixed.
Fixed! I hope! Leave a comment on that page if you find problems.

OK, so I see now how the url’s work For AN1.7 should it be this?

Two questions…

Is there any chance that standard links could be implemented for the AN? So it could just be like this?

Second question, with the link ending in #sc7.1, is that really the best way to make the link in the current situation? I ask because when the page displays, the first line is the first line of the sutta rather than the heading number 7. This link works, but I had to dig it out of the code:

Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else. Perhaps Ven. @Vimala can come to my rescue. :grinning:

Thanks for that. A couple of similar pages were posted over here a few years ago:, but your formatting is nicer. :heart:

I’m afraid the only thing we have at present is the link you mentioned ending in sc7.1. I noticed a mistake in the code however that in line-by-line view it doubles up the headings and you get the number 6.1.4. as a segment number. That is in any case not correct.


So do you expect that

Will always work even if changes are made?

Also, could the instructions for linking to several continuous sections be added to this page

The numbering is something I still want to look at more fully in the future, but for the time being it will stay this way.
You can link to several sections this way: but that does not seem to work when there are multiple suttas in one page.



OK! I think all the links are working now.

I realize that the AN is really tricky especially in the book of the ones. It would be really great if there was some way for the standard url’s to work. If you need someone to prepare a table or any grunt work, let me know.

Thanks as always!