Bhikkhu Pesala started a new Dhamma discussion forum

It is a natural progression for a forum member to start his/her own discussion group.
Sometimes we are not happy the way forums run and the best solution is to start your own. (For me it is the last resort and I do not think I will ever do it)
It appears Bhikkhu Pesala want a no-frills Buddhist discussion forum. No connections to other paths, no political and current events (such as DW) and no water coolers (such as S.C)
I have not join this as yet as I am quite happy at the moment but this may interest some.
It is good to see many Dhamma discussion groups around us as far as we can maintain a friendly relationship.


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Unfortunately the link has broken.
Can someone provide the new link?

The forum was removed. He says it was a magnet for spammers. More here:


That is a real pity.

Though, I have to say, that trying to moderate a forum in the “middle way” is very challenging! Having a good team is really essential. I don’t see how one person could do it - while maintaining some semblance of sanity/equanimity :relieved: :exploding_head: :relieved: :crazy_face: :relieved:


I removed my forum as it was just a magnet for spammers, and no one was making use of it. I don’t find it productive to visit Buddhist forums any longer. If you want to learn about Buddhism, visit a teacher and talk to them face to face. If you’re fairly new to Buddhism, it might help to read theFAQS and FIBS below before delving deeper into the teachings on this website and elsewhere.

Above quote is from the link provided above.
I think Ven. Pesala is not correct.
I learnt most of my Buddhsim by reading books and via forums.
You can meet the teacher more than one way.
We can’t visit Buddha and talk to him face to face.

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The success of a forum is depends on the quality and the dedicaiton of the members and the admin and moderation team.

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