Bhikkhuni short film


Becoming Jivaka - the story of the first transgender monk
Changing Genders, Changing Buddhists

Thank you so much for sharing! :pray:


Just a warning to those who may be offended: there is full backside nudity near the end of the film. Nothing egregious, but nudity all the same.


Thank y ou for sharing. And thanks to all involved in the making.

May all liberate.


Is there any justification for being offended by the ‘human form’? Asked with all sincerity, and humility…with Metta


There’s no justification at all on the ultimate level, however, on a conventional level, there very much is. Since most people, including the users of this forum, are still operating on the conventional level,I felt a warning was justified. I was in no way implying that I was offended in any way, but I happen to be in a relationship with someone who is very sensitive to such things.