Bibliography / Methodology page

I have a question for Bhante @Sujato here that is a bit easier to explain using Discourse than Slack.

So we have 2 Polymer elements right now that are called /bibliography and /methodology. The /bibliography lists all elements from the biblio.json file while the bibliography info in /methodology is hardcoded HTML.

The resulting texts in both files are more or less the same but not entirely. There are some items in /bibliography that do not appear in /methodology and visa versa.

So my first questions are:

  1. Do the missing items listed in /bibliography need to be incorporated in /methodology too? Were they just missed out?
  2. Do the missing items listed in /methodology also need to be incorporated in the biblio.json file?
  3. The items in point 2 plus several other items in biblio.json are currently not actually used in the Suttaplex nerdy row. Should they be incorporated somewhere on the site?

Then you suggested making a zz file with a table made from biblio.json. Because the zz files are not Polymer elements but imported in the simple-text Polymer element as inner-HTML, I cannot import the biblio.json file into a zz file but I can convert it to a plain, hardcoded html table and put that in. However, I wonder about the use of that because the only difference between such a table and the info in /methodology is the uid. This uid is only used in the backend as a placeholder for the whole text and is not used in the html files or anywhere visible on the site. So why make a page for this? What will such a page be used for?

Ayya, let’s just forget about it. I thought this would be a trivial detail, but it turns out to be more complicated than I thought. Better to focus on more important matters.