Bilara_data translation json files missing

I cloned bilara_data from github. But many of the translation json files are missing in published or unpublished branch. How may I get those files?

Can you give specifics? That will make it much easier to help you.

Are you aware that not all translation on SuttaCentral are found in the bilara repo?

The legacy translations are found on sc-data


Hey Zeta,

Yes, clone the published branch and you are good to go.

As Snowbird said, there is a large corpus of texts not on Bilara (i.e. they are not segmented and aligned with the root Pali), and you’ll find these on sc-data.


Thank you for your support.
I made a pali json file list of sutta central bilara_data.
I hope this could be of little use.
Pali text json file list

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FYI, I can’t download the file.