Biographies of Thai Forest Tradition Monks

New post of U. Hamburg lecture links by Bhikkhu Anālayo over at Buddhist Wisdom of the Thai Forest Tradition.

2 Likes has some books both in PDF and audio format. In addition to Ajahn Mun’s biography, I personally found Mae Chee Kaew’s very inspiring.


@Raivo Excellent! Thanks for the tip.

I second this, very inspiring. I also found the narration of the audio versin of this one to be very well-done. I was less enthused about a couple of the other audio versions I tried but each to their own…


@raivo @Linda, thanks so very much for the personal endorsements of Mae Chee Kaew’s biography.

For now I’ve thrown it into a chart (with several other items) on the ‘Talking Heads’ page of the new website. I’m not entirely satisfied with the way it turned out - they are in no sensible order at the moment and not all of the links there are audio ones.

I am sure, however, it will evolve into something a bit less awkward down the road.

I cherish all such collaboration in this project. :anjal:

Thank you, especially, for your Dhamma practice.:meditation:


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University of Hamburg is a rich source of lectures by Bhikkhu Analayo. I am in awe of the depth of his Madhyama-āgama research.

For better or worse, I’ve begun adding Bhikkhu Analayo audio and video links on the new Forest Tradition website. The tables are pretty terrible there . . . maybe better formatted by just using tabs? Bet there’s a WordPress plugin for tables, though. Data first. Aesthetics second (my priorities here.)

I sense mission creep, but this has to be fascinating stuff for many intellectuals among us (forgive me, Ajahn Chah). Maybe there will be a ‘Deep Roots’ page to compliment the ‘Roots’ one.) Better still would be a separate website. Wish now I’d sprung for a WordPress plan that allowed more than one domain – maybe next month.

So far (with 11 lectures per course) I have laced the ‘Talking Heads’ section with links to each lecture in the following three courses:

As always, feedback welcome.

Although this is an AV topic it would be better placed on the thread announcing tha website, not here on the Forest Tradition bios