Blank space in MN 133

Partway through MN 133, I’m seeing this on my Android phone:

Maybe Venerable @sujato can please explain this? :pray:


That issue has been reported. It’s because the Pali is still there in spans. It is set to display:none, but despite that not being how css should work, the space is held there.


Actually I don’t think that’s the problem. It seems to be caused by an interaction between the negative margin-left. It seems that when the translation span has a margin-left, then the included text span has a negative margin-left, when the display is inline it registers the vertical space (?) All seems weird to me, but anyway.

It’s caused by the way I implemented the enjambment styles. I’ve adjusted it and it seems good now, but I am not able to test it on the site, only in my browser. Hopefully it’ll work properly the next time Hongda pushes it.