Book of the Discipline

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Today i was searching for the Vinaya Text and stumbled upon “The Book of the Discipline” by I.B. Horner. I was pleased to learn that the entire volumes are grouped together and made available on Sutta Central website as a PDF file. The book is available at SuttaCentral—downloads

The Download link of the book is

On the page, it is mentioned that it is permissible to print this PDF file. I intend to print this entire pdf. However, is it possible to make it available in 6 Volumes so that i can print them and bind them as books for my personal library collections.

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Amit Meshram


Hi Amit! Welcome to our community and I hope you find much to interest you here.
The Book of the discipline by IB Horner is a publication of the Pali Text Society that is now in the public domain. You can download the volume based PDFs here.


Dear Sir,

Thank You for your reply. This is of much help. :pray:

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