Books or articles written on Right Knowledge and Right Liberation?

Hello dhamma friends, Does anyone know of any research written in articles or books upon the concepts of Right Knowledge and Right Liberation? The studies could also be upon the concept of the 10 fold Path. If anyone has any references, I would be happy to read them. Peace and Metta

Table 11.1 page 187:

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There is so little about it in the suttas that I wonder if and how anyone could have written anything substantial about it - maybe based on the chinese or sanskrit suttas, but not the pali. So the 10fold path is often mentioned, but just as a list, nowhere are the last two limbs defined (of course in the commentaries but not the suttas). Here are the very few exceptions:

AN 3.145 & AN 11.10: Right view / knowledge / liberation as the three qualities of the best among humans (probably arahants)

MN 117 says re. the 10-fold path: “the path of the disciple in higher training possesses eight factors, the arahant possesses ten factors” - which shows again that right knowledge & deliverance represent the end of the path. Some people have problems with the authenticity of MN 117 though: The value of MN117 and its serial Noble Tenfold Path

SN 55.26 has confusingly the 10-fold path ascribed to Anathapindika, who was a major lay supporter and sotapanna/stream-enterer, but not an arahant

Thank you friends for your references and your thoughts. :slight_smile:

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